Founded in 1967, Bane-Welker Equipment has a rich history rooted in the agricultural and construction equipment industry. Originally established as Bane Equipment by Kenneth and Patricia Bane, the company quickly became known for its commitment to providing top-notch equipment and support to farmers and construction professionals.

In January 2013, Bane Equipment merged with North Central Agri-Power under the leadership of Norm Welker and his partner group. This merger brought together two powerhouse companies and laid the foundation for the future growth and success of Bane-Welker Equipment.

In 2018, Bane-Welker Equipment transitioned to a 100% employee-owned company, further solidifying its commitment to its employees and customers. This employee ownership model ensures that every member of the Bane-Welker team is personally invested in the success of the company and its customers.

From its beginnings in 1967 to its current status as a leader in the industry, Bane-Welker Equipment has remained dedicated to providing world-class equipment support to its customers. With a network of stores across Ohio and Indiana, Bane-Welker Equipment is proud to serve its local communities and looks forward to continuing to grow and support its customers for many years to come.

Employment Opportunities

Discover a variety of career opportunities at Bane-Welker Equipment, ranging from administrative roles to field roles. Join us in providing exceptional solutions to our customers across Indiana and Ohio.

Our Locations

Bane-Welker Equipment operates 14 locations in Indiana and Ohio, dedicated to serving as your equipment, parts, service, and precision partner.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

As an employee-owned company, we are fully invested in our future and yours. Discover the benefits of our ESOP and how it ensures our commitment to you for the long-term.

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